I, Mrs. Reshma Vikas…

A gold medalist both at her under and post graduate degree in Psychology, Reshma specialises in Occupational Psychology and Neuroscience.

She has an HR industry experience of over 22 years, 15 of which has been with the local government in the UK managing employment law and employee relations. However, the one area that she is passionate about is her work in the field of ‘Nudge’, a super specialty that combines Psychology with Economics.

An orator, compere and trainer throughout her personal and professional life, Reshma believes in continual learning even as she imparts training and engagement coaching sessions to her mentees and clients.

It was an ardent desire to give her mother’s recipes to the world that propelled Reshma to take on the challenge of starting her own business – Cook –A-Curry.

Her professional and entrepreneurial pursuits have not stopped Reshma from pursuing her other passion – theatre. She is a keen actress with a flair for writing and continues to provide voice overs for advertisements across the continent.

Striving to keep Marathi theatre alive and active, Reshma formed a local theatre group called ‘Rangmancha UK’ in 2014.

Reshma lives in Bracknell with her husband Vikas, two lovely children Radhika and Yuvraj and her parents Alka and Subhash. A neuropsychologist, writer and an actress, Reshma gave up her long-standing career with the local government to follow her heart’s desire. She has in her husband a relentless supporter and together their dream is to reach Cook-A-Curry to every curry lover in the UK and beyond!